John Giesy

John P. Giesy

Professor, University of Saskatchewan

“Toxicological Evaluation of Perfluorooctane (PFOs) In the Environment: Anatomy of an Environmental Issue”

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John P. Giesy is an outstanding eco-toxicologist with interests in many aspects of eco-toxicology, including both the fates and effects of potentially toxic compounds and elements, particularly in the area of ecological risk assessment.

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Environmental Toxicology in the Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences and Toxicology Centre at the University of Saskatchewan.

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Damia Barcelo

Damià Barcelò

Research Professor, CSIC, Spain

“Fate and Effects of Pharmaceuticals in River Catchments Under Water Scarcity: Global Perspective and Management Solutions”

Damià Barcelò is a world-wide recognized environmental chemist with interest in water quality and developing of control methods of organic pollution of so-called “emerging contaminants” (polar pesticides, surfactants -detergentes-, endocrine disruptors and drugs) in wastewater and natural waters.

Research Professor of CSIC, Spain, at the IDAEA, Barcelona. Director of the Catalan ICRA. Visiting Professor at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Paulo SaldivaPaulo Saldiva

Coordinator, National Institute of Integrated Risk Asssessment

“Combining Greenhouse Gases Emission Mitigation and Health Co-benefits Due to Reduction of Local Air Pollutants: A Global Perspective”

Paulo Saldiva is a well-known researcher with interest on air pollution and environmental health.

Full Professor of Pathology at the Medical School, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Coordinator of the National Institute of Integrated Risk Assessment – National Research Council, Brazil. Member of the WHO Panel involved in the elaboration of Global Air quality Guidelines. Member of the IARC Panel for the assessment of carcinogenicity of air pollution.

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Vance TrudeauVance Trudeau

Research Chair and Professor, Faculty of Science, University of Ottawa

“Neuroendocrine Disruption: Causes and Consequences for Vertebrate Reproduction”

Vance Trudeau is known worldwide for his work on the neurobiology of reproduction and growth using fish and frogs as models, as well as the impact of Endocrine Disruption Compounds on them and the potential implications for environmental and the human health.

Research Chair in Neuroendocrinology and Full professor Faculty of Science, University of Ottawa.

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