CARU and Syngenta Undergraduate Registration Grants

The Uruguay River Administrative Commission (CARU) and SYNGENTA of Argentina will fund 40 undergraduate registration grants ($20 each) the SETAC Latin America Buenos Aires meeting.

All applicants must be undergraduate university students. It is not a prerequisite to be member of SETAC or to submit an abstract. To apply for the grant, email including personal information (Surname, name, and DNI/passport number), university information (University Name, Student number, Name of the Degree) and the scanned Student Certificate emitted by the University.

If you are interested in submitting an abstract (poster only), please attach the abstract to the email indicating the track and the session (find the instructions and list of tracks and sessions here).


Application with abstract: 14 July

Application without abstract: 7 August

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DuPont Student Grants

DuPont will provide 55 student grants to help students attend and participate in the SETAC Buenos Aires meeting.

Two grant categories will be available:

  • Student Travel Grant (STG)
    • Ten grants of US$300 for registration and partial travel expenses
    • Candidates must be PhD or MS Latin American students and members of SETAC Latin America, with residence outside Argentina
  • Student Registration Grants (SRG)
    • Forty five grants of US$80 to cover registration fees
    • Candidates must be PhD or MS Latin-American students and members of SETAC Latin America, including Argentina

How to Submit

Students must email the application to with the subject: DuPont Grant “Category (STG or SRG)” and “Surname” (Example subject line: “DuPont Grant STG Pérez”).

Your application must include:

  • SETAC ID Member Number
  • Certificate from the university
  • Short CV (one page max, education, three higher impact papers, three more important meeting presentations, awards)
  • Abstract as first author (2,500 words max without figures, tables or references)

Contact for more information.

Application Submission deadline is 19 June.

More Information

  • The organizing committee will publish a list with the “order of merit” to the SETAC Buenos Aires website
  • Candidates must not have other SETAC grant (i.e. SETAC Argentina Grants)
  • Granted students must be in attendance every day at the meeting and will be asked to get involved with the organizing activities
  • Grants will be refunded at the end of the meeting
  • If you are an applicant and have not registered for the meeting yet, do not register. Registration instructions for applicants will come after the grant results.


SETAC Argentina Student Grants

SETAC Argentina Chapter will provide Scholarships for Students of Argentina submitting papers to SETAC Latin America Buenos Aires.

Grants will partially cover the registration fees of Argentine members of SETAC in the student category, with the aim of encouraging scientific vocations of undergraduates, doctoral or master’s currently working on SETAC issues.

Download the grant application form.

Visit the SETAC Argentina Chapter website.

Contact the chapter at